2021 Trade Stand Booking Contacts

How to Book a Trade Stand at the 2021 Gransden Show

Craft Fair Stands

For details please contact Pam Sharp on 01763-852425 or at

Darwin Farm, Bassingbourn Road, Litlington, Royston, Herts.

or send e-mail to davidsharp852@btinternet.com

Please note - Craft Fair stands get booked up very quickly so please register your interest with the Organiser as soon as possible.

General Trade Stands

For details about General (non-Craft and non-Food) Trade Stands please contact the Event Manager, Charlotte Kane-Belcher via e-mail via info@gransdenshow.org.uk or call her at 01480-731878.

Food Fair Stands

For details please contact Sally Mew on 01480-467156 or at

Houghton Bury, The Thicket, Houghton, Huntingdon, Cambs.

PE28 2DB, or e-mail her at mew.redhill@gmail.com

2021 Food Fair Stand Booking Forms: click here to download.

Note - the form has to be completed and returned by post to the address shown on the form.

Trade Stands may be booked through the appropriate Organiser depending on the category of stand required. These include Craft Fair stands situated in the Craft Marquee; Food Fair stands located in the Food Fair area of the Show field; and General Trade stands which cover everything else including charity organisations, and which are located around the Show field. The Contact details for each category Organiser is shown below.