The Main Events

The Main Events for Visitors at the 2023 Gransden Show

The Sheep Show

The sheep show is Edutainment at its best. A live stage show presented in humorous Kiwi style, the show will introduce you to 9 different breeds of sheep, each with a story to tell and even their own theme tune! ‘Lenny the Lincoln Long Wool’ arrives to a great Bob Marley tune (very apt for a sheep that has natural dreadlocks).

What follows is a very informative shearing display where you will learn much more about sheep and wool. To add to this already humorous and educational show, the sheep team then do “The Sheep Show Shuffle”... yes, you may just witness dancing sheep!

Nick Gregory's Misselchalke Gundogs

Nick Gregory has trained gundogs for over 20 years, with notable success. Winning and as a runner-up in the Kennel Club’s Cocker Spaniel Championship. With internationally recognised expertise, he makes regular US trips, teaching UK dog training techniques to Americans.

Nick offers a unique and entertaining show. Using different gundogs,he skilfully demonstrates their training stages from puppy to fully trained. There’s plenty of ring activity, often involving amusing incidents, with full commentary. A mesmerising display showing the love of man for his dog and vice versa

The Finale to his demonstrations is the rare opportunity to watch Nickworking different dogs off lead and be in total control. Using spaniels and Labradors, this exceptionaldisplay is a must see!