Show Contacts

How to Contact the Organiser of Each Competitive Category

If you have any queries or require further information about any category or specific class you wish to enter then please contact the organiser. You'll find their names and contact details in the list below.

Rare and Traditional Breeds of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

For details please phone Charlotte Kane-Belcher on


Or e-mail her at


For details of all Horse events at the Show please contact

Charlotte Kane-Belcher on 01480-731878.

Or e-mail her at

Dog Show

For information about the Dog Show please call Sue Cox on 01954-719404 or contact her at Vine Farm, Gransden Road, Caxton, Cambs. CB3 8PL

Pigeons and Poultry

For details about Pigeons call Michael Manser on 01223-243794.

For Poultry please e-mail the Event Manager at

Flower Marquee

For details of the events in the Flower Marquee please phone Daphne on 07812-511992 or contact Charlotte Kane-Belcher, our Event Manager by e-mail at or by phone on 01480-731878.

Homefare and Produce

For details please contact Charles Looker on 01480-453270.

Or send e-mail to