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10th June 2019 - GDAS Grant for Swavesey Primary School

Swavesey Primary School was the recipient of a GDAS Charitable Grant earlier this year. This enabled the Reception Class to visit South Angle Farm Park at Soham to experience life on a real farm. Click here to see details of their visit. To find out more about GDAS Charitable Grants please click here to view details.

30th March 2018 - Disability Carer Concessionary Ticket Scheme

A Carer accompanying a disabled person to the 2018 Gransden Show will now be able to apply for a free concessionary ticket. Terms and Conditions apply, so please read the Disabled Ticketing Policy document available here. To view and download an application form to obtain a Carer’s ticket please click here. Please note you’ll have to print the form off, complete it, and then post it back to the Show Secretary to obtain your ticket. Details are on the form.

30th March 2018 - Car Parking Facilities for Disabled Visitors

Special parking close to the Showground entrance is available for Blue Badge holding Disabled visitors to Gransden Show. If you wish to use this please read the Accessible Facilities document available here.

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2nd June 2018 - General Data Protection Regulation 2018

To comply with the new GDPR requirements we have recently published our Privacy Policy. This explains why we collect personal information on people who visit the GDAS website or are otherwise involved with GDAS activities. You can read the full document here.

17th May 2019 - Online Entries System for the 2019 Show Now Live

We're pleased to announce that our Online Entries system for Competitors in the 2019 Show is now live. You can access this via the Competitors page or directly using the Online Entries item in the Information menu at the top and bottom of every page. This system allows you to enter any of the competitive classes and pay the entry fees online. You can also use it to browse an online version of the Schedules. So, no need to use those paper forms any more, if you don't want to. However, the forms are still available for those who wish to use them.

Before you can make entries you'll need to register as a Competitor, but this is a simple once only process achieved via the system. Once registered you just need to log in on subsequent visits.

12th August 2018 - Online Entry for 2018 Show Competitors

If you're entering events in the 2018 Show please consider using our new Online Entries system to make your entries. We've been getting positive comments from people who have already used it, such as "I have entered the show online, I must say what an easy system to use". You'll need to follow the simple registration steps before you make your entries. Go to the Online Entries page to get started.

20th August 2018 - Disabled Visitor Facilities

A new page containing details for Disabled Visitors has now been added to this website. You can access it via the Information drop down menu at the top and bottom of each page and selecting the For Disabled Visitors entry, or simply by clicking here.

27th December 2018 - Event Manager Required

GDAS is now recruiting for an Event Manager. Job details and a link to the Application Form are shown on the Home page. Please note that the closing date for applications is 31st January 2019.

30th January 2019 - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Gransden and District Agricultural Society will be held on Monday 25th March 2019 at 7:30pm. The venue is The Reading Room, Fox Street, Great Gransden. All are warmly welcome to attend. Helpers are always appreciated.

2nd February 2019 - Event Manager Applications Closed

Applications for the position of Event Manager with GDAS closed on 31st January. Thank you to everyone who responded. An announcement about the appointment will be made following the selection process.

26th March 2019 - New GDAS Officers

At the GDAS AGM last night the following changes were made to the Team who run GDAS. Ruth Northrop was elected GDAS President for the coming year. Charles Looker was elected Vice President. Four retiring Directors were willing to stand again and were reelected for a further period of service. See the Team page for further details.

6th April 2019 - Event Manager Post Filled

The recently advertised post of Event Manager for GDAS has now been filled. An announcement about this will be made in the near future.

6th April 2019 - Entrance Prices and Competition Fees

Entrance ticket prices and fees paid by Competitors for entering the competitive classes at the 2019 Show have been held, so will be the same as last year.

6th April 2019 - 2019 Show Attractions

Details are still being worked on, but the 2019 Show is likely to have Terrier and Lurcher racing as the Main Event. The Cottenham Brass Band will also be there to serenade us. Popular attractions such as the Falconry display and Heavy Horse display are also likely to be present again. More details will be published later when known.

6th April 2019 - Food Fair Stands

Booking Forms for Traders wishing to book stands for the Food Fair area of the 2019 Gransden Show are now available. See the Trade Stand Booking Contacts page for details.

3rd May 2019 - New Event Manager

We are very pleased to announce that our new Event Manager is Charlotte Kane-Belcher. She's taken over from June Jukes, who has served admirably as Show Secretary for many years, and is now retiring from this position. Charlotte is now the main point of contact for queries about the Show. Her contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

5th May 2019 - Ruth Northrop Video Clip

The video clip of GDAS President Ruth Northrop introducing herself and Gransden Show to visitors is now available. Go to the For Visitors page to view it.

6th May 2019 - Charlotte Kane-Belcher

There's now a photo of our new Event Manager, Charlotte Kane-Belcher, displayed on The Team page. If you want to put a face to the name, that's the place to go to do it.

14th May 2019 - Horse Schedule and Entry Form

The Horse Schedule and Entry Form for the 2019 Show are now available for download. Please go to the Competitors Documents page and click on on the links you'll find there.

Note - if you don't wish to fill in and submit a paper form the Online Entries system will be available for use shortly. An announcement will be posted here when it becomes available.

15th May 2019 - Livestock Schedule and Entry Form

The Livestock Schedule and Entry Form for the 2019 Show have now been released. These cover Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Goat entries. To download them please go to the Competitors Documents page and click on on the links you'll find there.

Note - if you don't wish to fill in and submit a paper form the Online Entries system will be available for use shortly. An announcement will be posted here when it becomes available.

16th May 2019 - Produce, Homefare, Flower Marquee and Childrens Classes

The Schedules and Entry Forms for the above categories have now been made available. To view or download them please go to the Competitors Documents page and click on the links you'll find there. Online Entries for these will be available shortly. Watch for an announcement here.

18th May 2019 - Amended Livestock and Flower Arranging Schedules

Competitors - please note that a slightly amended Livestock Schedule has now been posted on the Competitors Documents page. You may wish to check that this doesn't affect your entries.

Also - please pardon our slip - the original link to the Flower Arranging Schedule on the Competitors Documents page was incorrect. This has now been corrected and should get you to the correct Schedule.

18th May 2019 - Dog Show Schedule and Rules of Entry Now Available

The Dog Show Schedule and the Rules of Entry for All Classes documents are now available on the Competitors Documents page for viewing or downloading.

28th May 2019 - Guideline for Exhibitors

The Guidelines for Exhibitors document is now available on the Competitors Documents page for viewing or downloading. It covers the exhibiting of fruit, vegetables, flowers and preserves.

28th May 2019 - 2019 Show Programme

The Programme for the 2019 Show has now been published. Go to the Competitors Documents page to view or download a copy.

30th May 2019 - Competitors Documents Page Updated

Manx Loaghtan Sheep entries are covered generally by the Livestock Schedule, but not as separate specific classes.

28th June 2019 - Vintage Vehicle Entry Form

The Entry Form for the Vintage Vehicle competition has now been published. You can view and download it from the Competitors Documents page. Please note that it has to be completed and returned to the Event Manager by the 15th August. Also, please make sure you read and comply with the notes that come with the Entry Form.

6th July 2019 - Full 2019 Show Schedule Published

The full schedule for this year's Show is now available. This brings together most of the documentation already available as separate items, making it all available as a single document for convenience. You'll find it available for viewing or downloading on the Competitors Documents page.

10th July 2019 - Craft and Trade Stands

Please note that the Craft Marquee stands and other Trade stands for the 2019 Gransden Show are now fully booked. Our Show is very popular with traders of all types, so if you require a stand at the 2020 Show you should register your interest with our Event Manager early next year to avoid disappointment. You'll find her contact details on the Contact Us page.

10th July 2019 - 2019 Show Flyer

The publicity Flyer for the 2019 Show has now been published in paper form and online. You can view it by going to the For Visitors page.

11th July 2019 - Carer Concessionary Ticket Scheme

Updated documents for the Concessionary Ticket Scheme for carers of disabled visitors are now available. You can view or download them from the For Disabled Visitors page.

26th July 2019 - Competitors at the 2019 Show

If you're considering entering for one or more of the many competitive classes at the 2019 Gransden Show then now is a good time to submit your entries. You can do this easily online by going to our Online Entries page and following the instructions there. Please note that you have to register before you can make any actual entries.

12th August 2019 - Soay and Boreray Sheep

A schedule for Soay and Boreray Sheep will be included in this year's Gransden Show by courtesy of the Soay and Boreray Sheep Society. These rare breeds originated in the Outer Hebrides on the islands of Soay and Boreray, which are part of the St Kilda archipelago in the Outer Hebrides. If you've never seen these breeds before then come and meet them at this year's Show.

16th August 2019 - Sponsors and Advertisers

The Sponsors and Advertisers page for the 2019 Gransden Show has now been published. The companies listed are important to us as they are helping us to mount this year's Show. Please show your appreciation by visiting the page and clicking on the adverts to visit their websites. This will show you the valuable services and products they offer their customers.