Gransden and District Agricultural Society's

Gransden Show

The Virtual Gransden Show 2020 Starts In:

The 2021 Gransden Show will be held on Saturday 25th September

at the Show Field, Caxton Road, Great Gransden, Cambs.

Open to the public from 9:00am

Admission:  Adults £TBA    11-18 Year Olds £TBA

Accompanied Children under 11 £TBA

Car Parking £TBA

Gransden and District Agricultural Society

Registered Charity No. 1133252

Company No. 07007505


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It is with the greatest regret the organisers of the Gransden and District Agricultural  Society Show have decided to cancel this year's Show.  We are sure you will understand the restrictions under which this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic has put us; we had no choice other than to consider the safety to the health of everyone involved.

We intend to work towards a Show for 2021 in which we hope you will be a part.

With Best Wishes

Marian Morgan, Chairperson



Gransden and District Agricultural Society invite you to attend the first ever Virtual Gransden Show, so please click on the link and join us. It's free and everyone is welcome.

See our News page for details.